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Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Doom’s Knight

Available on the MAC APP Store

Reviews of our DOOM themed games (Doom’s Knight, Doomed Heretic, and Doomed Freedom) :-

Doomed Heretic

Available on the MAC APP Store

“Fun throwback game”
“Awesome game, good for fans of DOOM”
“Perfect game to play while on the airplane.”

“Wow! It has all the shooter actions that I remember.”
“I’m impressed! High marks!”
“it’s a great fun doom game”

“Great Game for the Mac and a MUST for all DOOM gamers.”

“If your a fan of doom then you’ll definitely want to get this game.”

“This game has better graphics than the original with new updated monsters that we have all grown to love. “

“Great game for all the DOOM gamers out there. Look forward to trying the other DOOM games available from MOALAB LLC.”

Doomed Freedom

Available on the MAC APP Store


Robots, Zombies, and Giant Chickens

#2 title on the MAC App Store

Available of the MAC APP Store

Reviews from game player:-

“Once in awhile a game title completely nails the game’s theme.  Robots Zombies and Giant Chickens is definitely one that nails it.”

“The sound  has become one of my favorites on the Mac App Store! The music has such an upbeat and exciting sound that I just had to blast it and  probably pissed off my neighbors. I will play this game again and again for the commentary and soundtrack alone!”

“If you like your game to have a healthy sense of humor then you will absolutely love Robots Zombies and Giant Chickens”

The giant chickens are damn awesome.
I’m literally LMAO. Amazing.

Wow – great stuff!  I love the music!
The giant chickens are ridiculous and AWESOME all at the same time!

A lot of laughs!
I am not much of a gamer, but the chickens made me laugh.

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